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Black Belt Essay by Jenna Shaffer

I have learned many things from the senseis at Amerikick. I want to write about what I have learned since getting my junior black belt. One of the most important things I learned is to be a good example for others. It is extra important when you are a black belt to understand that you need to set a good example. People watch you much more when you are a black belt. When I was a color belt, I watched carefully what students with higher belts were doing. However, it was the black belts that I watched the closet. I learned many things from them. I learned many kicks, punches and blocks.

Now that I am a junior black belt, I think more students are watching what I am doing so how I act in class is more important than ever. I want to set a good example like all the senseis did for me. One of the most important things is for me to do my best. In order to do my best, I need to pay close attention to what the senseis are saying and doing. We should not be talking with other students during this time they should have our full attention.

In class you should always be willing to try hard things. The only way you learn is from trying. If we didn’t try hard things, we would never learn new stuff. I watch Youtube videos of katas so I can learn

them. That way when I do in class, I can do a better job. I still make mistakes. That is okay. I don’t get mad. I just try again until I am better. I want the color belts to not be afraid to try and keep practicing.

I have done karate for seven years. When I was younger, I wasn’t always serious. I sometimes joked and talked too much to other students when I should have been paying attention. Now that I am a junior black belt testing for my senior black belt, I understand that it is important to be more serious in class. Karate is fun and sometimes one of the senseis will joke around briefly but we quickly get back to work.

When in class I learn a lot from the senseis. I often have had help from the other students. Now that I am a black belt, I have more a responsibility to help others. We are sometimes paired up with other students. Because I am small, I am often paired up with a lower belt. I try to help them with the things that I know better than them. I think this should also be done before class. My brother and I sometimes get to class early. I think it is my job to practice and help people during this time also.

In conclusion, I know that being a black is important. If I behave badly if makes all black belts look bad. I hope that I can be a good representative of Amerikck and black belts everywhere.