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When you decide to OWN and Amerikick location we train you in every phase of the BUSINESS!

In the martial arts business everything starts on the training mat. The emphasis on an OUTSTANDING product, QUALITY training combined with COMMUNITY development is the main factor in DRIVING our business.

EVERY aspect of running your Amerikick location is covered in detail with our DEDICATED staff: CURRICULUM, MARKETING, OPERATIONS, LEAD GENERATION, ADVERTISING, HIRING and STAFF NURTURING!

You don’t have to have martial arts experience to own an Amerikick. We just ask that you have a strong DESIRE to INSPIRE and make your COMMUNITY a better place! Our top priority is to position you for SUCCESS. Our model works to create quality students while providing you with the LIVING that you DESERVE


The word franchise shouldn’t be one that scares you. Let our track record guide your business.

All successful businesses follow a winning FORMULA. The Amerikick formula, when followed properly, is one that yields wealth on 2 fronts: community impact and financial satisfaction.

FRANCHISING with Amerikick takes to guess work out of running your karate business. We’ve spent years making mistakes, researching, developing, listening to the right people and refining the CRAFT. All of this EXPERIENCE plus more is at your fingertips.

Amerikick has a proven track record of being one of the most hands on CONCEPTS. We are physically, mentally and EMOTIONALLY engaged in your success. Our Amerikick school owners are more than just partners, they are members of our extended family!



We want you to be in business for YOURSELF without being BY-YOURSELF

The landscape of marketing is always going to EVOLVE. Even so, the best companies are the ones who EMBRACE this notion while staying true to who they are and what they are. At Amerikick we are committed to “building tomorrows leaders today” and to help facilitate TRANSFORMATION on a daily basis!

Our MARKETING efforts are geared to do JUST THAT. We are relentless about embracing change while staying true to our roots. With this mindset in place we provide you with marketing to drive your success.

Advertising, Custom Ad Slicks, Commercials, Social Media Optimization, Website, Lead Generation, Community Outreach, Low-No Cost Strategy, Inbound, Outbound, Referral engines, Co-op efforts, Local and National Branding


It’s done for you! Curriculum, Daily Lesson Planning. Only available for the Amerikick family.

Amerikick’s curriculum has been developed and cultivate by some of the most BRILLIANT sport martial artists and traditional stylists in the country. The kids curriculum is PROVEN! It provides the SEAMLESS road map to guide a student from white belt to the ultimate goal of BLACK BELT. Simple, effective and fun, the Amerikick curriculum has been instrumental in DEVELOPING great athletes, great minds and the next generation of LEADERS!

Our culture is one that breeds QUALITY and GOAL GETTING. One thing you can expect with Amerikick is the emphasis of student’s EARNING their BELTS. We find that families are best served when our instructors strive, day in and day out to extract MAXIMUM POTENTIAL from their classes. A black belt is something truly special and an accomplishment of a LIFETIME!

Quite Simply, we inspect what we expect. We want truly fulfilled members.




Amerikick works tirelessly to combine great teaching with great martial arts! Quality and service are the utmost importance to the family at Amerikick.

Any student who walks through the front door deserves to work toward reaching their potential. At Amerikick Martial Arts we are passionate about bringing the best out of every student. Our teachers are motivated. Our owners are committed. Our model is one that brings the ABSOLUTE best in it’s members

When you own an Amerikick you are more than just accounts receivable. You are directly responsible for changing the lives of countless students. In short, congratulations. You are a member of a group that makes a dent in making the community a better place

Learn more about joining the team. There are a lot of people across the globe who deserve to be inspired.