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At Amerikick, we look at self-defense like a fire alarm. We hope our students never have to use it but if they do, they want it to work!

In 1967, Amerikick was built as the leader in teaching martial arts. The mindset, which holds true today, was to offer quality martial arts instruction paired with an extraordinary teaching skills

Amerikick is committed to EMPOWERING families to put an END to BULLYING Learning the Quality self-defense that builds physical wellness and strength is just the beginning. Amerikick’s CULTURE is one that provides the guidance to bring the best out of every student! There’s nothing better than watching you’re loved ones GROW on and of the training. For us, it’s a passion. For our students, it’s an everyday TRANSFORMATION!

Amerikick is the leader in providing the tools kids need to PREPARE, PREVENT and if necessary, DEFEND against BULLYING! And, it’s not just about physical prowess. It’s about developing and cultivating a POWER MENTALITY


Bullies target other kids because they have a low self-esteem!

Bullying is not just physical. It can be mental, emotional and believe it or not, digital. Amerikick arms kids with the CONFIDENCE and KNOWLEDGE to handle these senseless situations.

Through repetition, guided practice and a culture that breeds LEADERSHIP, our kids learn learn how to defend themselves in a BIG WAY! As parents who love our kids, let’s take the initiative and work to put BULLIES IN THEIR PLACE!

Bullying doesn’t have to be a part of growing up. There are more important things for kids to focus on: school, sports, family and yes EARNING THEIR BLACK BELT.

We are excited to serve and provide a safe place for kids to become THE BEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES!


There is a HUGE difference between defending against a bully and recognizing a DANGEROUS STRANGER

At Amerikick, we consistently reinforce that “ADULT CONVERSATIONS ARE FOR ADULTS” and “KID CONVERSATIONS ARE FOR KIDS.” It’s never appropriate for a complete stranger to have adult dialogue with a kid.

Teaching children to recognize potentially dangerous situations is something that we don’t take lightly. The the Amerikick kids classes, students learn rather quickly, what to watch out for and how to respond in the moment. We approach our training with a “SMOKE ALARM” approach.

We hope our students are put into a position where they HAVE to use their Amerikick training, but if they are, WE WANT IT TO WORK!


Chris Millares

I started at Amerikick as a 7 year old kid and it has been my passion ever since. The lessons I’ve learned as a student, teacher and now as a member of Amerikick’s expansion have stayed with me my entire life. Someone recently asked me, “why do you work for Amerikick?” I replied, “because I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else? Because of Amerikick I am the man that I am proud to be today!”

Bryan Liptrot

I started at Amerikick Martial Arts as a 7 year old shy kid. I can’t tell you how proud I am to have earned my black belt. Now, I have the privilege of teaching the next generation of martial artists. I’m proud to be a part of the Amerikick family.

Dane Jenkins

I’ve been training with this team/family since age 6 (I am now 36). Honor, Respect, Integrity and Giving Back – I’ve learned all of this while learning to defend myself, building a strong mind, strong spirit, strong body and fostering the will to succeed.

Mike Little

My son Vincent has been involved with Amerikick since he was 4 years old. He has been with the organization ever since. It’s hard to put into words what Amerikick has done for my son. It’s more than a karate school. It’s an extension of our family.