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What Black Belt Means to Me – Lucas Vedam

Black belt is very important, it signifies that you did not give up during your training as an amerikick member, when you were a white belt, to your black belt testing. Black belt also signifies that you know Amerikick techniques and katas and that you understood them correctly. Black Belt is very important to me because all of my hard work as being a red belt or a belt lower then that will start to pay off.

Black belt also shows that you are capable of demonstrating to the instructors properly without fooling around, and shows respect. Being a Black belt is a very important role, you have to remember how to do techniques and katas and short forms your sensei tells you to demonstrate, so being a black belt can be kind of stressful at times.

Being a Black belt also can just mean it’s just a step to a longer path. After black belt, there are still things to do, it’s not like after black belt you are done with karate, you can level up from junior black belt to senior black belt or higher than senior black belt. Being a red belt, or lower belt, you have to practice to become a black belt and for the sensei’s to see if you are ready or not to do the black belt training or if you need more time. Black belt is like a key to something greater in my eyes, to train even harder.

As a black belt, you have a high level of respect and recognition by other classmates in your karate class. Black belt also signifies that you are good at your forms, which is another huge skill that black belts must have. Black Belt’s forms should be perfect and on point, they should not look bad, that ruins the purpose, Black Belts also should be very flexible when they are doing forms or just warming up, they should be very flexible. As a black belt, you should be able to defend yourself properly, and use what your sensei’s have taught you if a bully is picking on you or someone is teasing you, or you are out on the street and someone grabs you and drags you with them, you should be able to defend yourself. Black belts also have to have a lot of focus, if they are in a life-threatening situation, they should be able to focus and not fool around and use what they learned in class and put it to use in real life.

Being a black belt is very important and can carry quite a burden, but you have to train a lot to get better, to identify your mistakes and train to make them better and to focus a lot, give respect to your sensei’s and judges, and you have to thank them. Being a black belt has a lot of responsibility and a lot of respect attached to it, and is quite rewarding when you are a black belt. In conclusion, Black belt means you have to have good form, to be respectful to sensei’s and to focus and to practice.