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What Black belt means to me by Robs Vids

Black belt can mean a lot of things in different circumstances. From achieving a goal you’ve wanted to be the best you can be at something you love doing. For me, Black belt means a new chapter in life. Realizing that there will be ups and downs in life. But to overcome any obstacle takes work. Not just whenever you want, but always. The learning curve starts going up and up, but also has its downfalls. Where none of the things you try work until you find just the right way to do things. As we progress as humans, so does our knowledge of how the world around us works. Leading us in the end to success.

Achieving these goals can lead to better things in the future, such as being able to achieve other things such as a business or good grades or anything we set our mind to. Achieving Black Belt can do more than just prove they are good at the sport but prove that a person has the work ethic to continue on in life. The futures of people testing including myself cannot be predicted but it is almost certain this goal will help with many more to come. Leading to greater things upon us.

Another great factor in our lives as kids and young adults is our parents. They can guide us in ways to either succeed or fail. Either way, the things they do for us cannot go unseen and so they must be thanked for what they do. This includes little things such as cooking dinner or even driving us to where we need to matter what we do or where life takes us our parents will never go forgotten. They will live in our hearts and souls for the rest of eternity.

Overall achieving black belt means more than just going further in karate it means knowing where you can go if enough work is put in. this work can achieve great things for the future to hold. What happens will be unpredictable yet can be led to greater things with confidence built up. This confidence can be presented to future employers or even just in participation. Overall it cannot be seen what this will do but it will bring great change to our lives. Whether it be for school karate or anything else this goal makes us better after all is said and done.

In conclusion, this goal will not only let us achieve something we wanted for years but will also help us with other goals in life. These can make us better for whatever can be done. Whatever is thrown our way we will be ready for it and be able to take it one headfirst. That is what black belt means to me. My meaning of black belt will probably be very different from another view. Yet we all want the same thing for different reasons. But all of us have the drive to keep going.