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What Black Belt Means To Me by Adam Pitula

Black belt means to me hard work, self discipline and always trying my best. I have been doing karate for over half of my life and from the day I started I have dreamed of being a black belt.

Every time I attended a class and I saw a person that has a black belt, I would look up to them and try and be like them. I used to watch martial arts movies with my dad and I saw people like Bruce Lee fighting amazingly; they work hard and then they become Black Belts. That is one of the reasons I started karate.

When I just started karate I didn’t think it would be so hard but when I came home from school and had to practice I found out it was not easy.

Once I hurt my foot at my soccer game, and then I had a karate class. I wanted to give up because it hurt really badly but Sensei Andrew told me to try my best and I listened to him and at the end it felt great. The reason is, I was thinking how close I have come so what’s the point of giving up now when I am so close to reaching the black belt. I want to get better every day and I hope one day I will be an amazing sensei like all my Senseis. Karate has also taught me other things like to be confident and to not give up. The black belt test is like PSSA at school: you study for a very long time and then work your way to reach your goal.

Once I finish elementary school I am not done, then I go to middle school, then high school, then college but in karate I try to become a black belt, then junior, senior and then my degrees. That is why I am not going to quit at black belt because I have new goals like to reach higher degrees.

My black belt test is in a few days and getting to the day of becoming a black belt means that I have spent many days and tons of hours practicing katas, self defense moves and learning to be disciplined and respectful. I think the black belt test will not be easy but with all the work I have been putting in I hope I will pass. Most of my friends start karate and other sports and then they quit without achieving anything. I am glad I never quit and now I can reach my goal that I really wanted. When I was a green belt I went to my test and failed it and from that day on I would always try and fit some time in to practice at least couple minutes a day.

Finally the time has come. I have been waiting for that day for 6 years and I am very excited and cannot wait. I am so grateful to all the Senseis who helped me over all that time. I hope that every kid would have a chance to experience what I did.