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What a Black Belt Means To Me by Zachary Pervil

A black belt means the world to me. I always wanted a black belt. I have been thinking of working for a black belt since I was a white belt. It is a goal that I made for myself. I told myself I would not give up. I will work hard, practice and train. I worked hard for this chance and I will finish what I started. If I had any other activities on testing day, I would`ve canceled the activity. I will climb the top of the mountain. I will get to experience what it is like to earn a black belt. I realize that the test will not be easy. I will try my best to get my black belt. I have to give my A+ game.

As a black belt I can help students that are either lower belts or are new black belts. I can also help other students that are struggling with their katas or self-defenses. I can tell others what it is like to experience the black belt test. I can also teach others when the Sensei allows me to run the class for a little bit.

When I first started taking karate I was not nervous. I was excited to learn karate. I was excited because I thought it would be fun and the place looked quite inviting. I thought Sensei Mike looked like a nice guy and he still is now. I was curious to find out how he got his black belt. When I saw the sign “Our Goal Is Black Belt”, I was wondering what a black belt was. I found out that a black belt was the maximum belt when I saw the other black belts wearing a black belt.  I felt shy when I saw the future black belts with their red belts on. I admired the red belts and the hard work they were putting in. I felt intimidated because I did not know as many katas and self-defenses that they knew. This is when I made a vow to attempt to become a black belt. I realized now that my vow is starting to become true.

When I was a white belt I realized that the white belts didn’t learn many katas but we can still dream big. When I got my first stripe I was very eager to get my next stripe. When I was testing for my yellow belt I was excited to earn my yellow belt. When I finally became a yellow belt, I was satisfied with all my work and progress that I made. I knew I still had more goals to reach before earning my black belt. As an orange belt I learned my first “full kata”.  I realized that it was an extended version of Little Tiger. I understood that all of the Amerikick katas were related to each other. There are some things I did in Amerikick One that I did in Little Tiger. Also, there are punches and a few of the kicks that are used in all of the Amerikick katas.

Now as a red belt I have more goals to achieve instead of messing around with my friends. I can tell people the requirements that need to be met to become a black belt. The focus and the hard work that you have to put in to reach the goal of being a black belt. Being a black belt means the world to me!!