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What a black belt means To me by Nedaa Jaber

 Becoming a black belt means a lot to me. For example it shows my journey of dedication, hard work, effort, relationships with people I’ve created and all throughout it along with my experience and childhood. Growing up the first sport I ever did was karate at the age of two, all throughout my childhood I somehow did every sport people could imagine but the only one who stuck with me was karate. I’ve been to three different dojos. Which mean three different types of karate along with new circuilam and ideas of/for it. A black belt in karate to some people is just a rank or a belt but to me it shows all the laughter, tears, hard work, smiles, dedication and all around my experience doing karate. Getting your black belt is everyone’s own journey. Sometimes it can be long and difficult but yet rewarding and sometimes it’s not. Having/ getting a black belt isn’t only just something you wear around your waist but a state of mind. A black belt requires one to be very perseverance and work tirelessly. A lot of physical training and use of mental strength is required. After several years of commitment to martial arts is when these characteristics display themselves. At amerikick we believe things are earned and not given and at amerikick it has taught me to stay in pursuit of this goal.

Instructing is another way of learning. If you cannot teach the material you truly do not understand it yourself. This is required to perfect your material, as I learned from personal experience. I believe my instructor, Mr. Lupe, is an example of a great leader. He pushes me to my limit and beyond. He makes me a better person, better in the karate school, and in the community. Mr. Lupe is dependable, hardworking, and possesses many great character qualities. Displaying good character is essential for being a great leader and a great black belt. I am grateful and honored that I was given the chance to test for my black belt. I received the best training from Mr. Lupe and Mr. Vlad. These great leaders have taught me to stay strong and to work hard for my goals. If I receive the rank of black belt, one of my many goals will have been accomplished. My journey to becoming a black belt has taught me to display great character, build my leadership skills, reach my goals, and understand the meaning behind Amerikick. I look forward to continuing my Amerikick journey for many years to come.

Wearing a black belt does not mean you are invincible, it means that you never gave up, you worked past the pain, you overcame the disappointments, you did not cave into any doubts, and you faced your fears. Being any belt, especially a black belt requires leadership, patience and both mental and physical strength.