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What A Black Belt Means To Me by Jameson Taber

Black Belt means perseverance, because I have been doing karate for 9 years. In those 9 years I have trained and tried my best to make up for the moment I receive my black belt. I have been passionate about karate since I was 3 and want to continue my journey through martial arts. When I was younger my parents wanted me to do something to be passionate about, and I always would see karate dojos and would want to do karate. My parents saw that and put me in Amerikick. I really enjoyed it and saw others with black belts like a Sensei and thought when I was a white belt that I could be one someday in the future.

I loved karate and was not bad at it either, but at one period of time I was not excited for it or just didn’t want to go. I missed many classes and did not do my best. My parents took me out of other sports at that time too so I didn’t do anything I could be passionate about besides school. Amerikick would send me messages saying things like, “When are you coming back,”. Then I decided to come back to karate a couple years ago and really started to enjoy it again. I was determined and was excited and looked forward to every class.

I was back in karate and really enjoyed it. I started to go to classes, sparring, and tricks class. Then I finally got my red belt and realized I would need to really be passionate about karate and not treat it like a thing I do when I have free time. I really do enjoy karate and hope to get my black belt.

What black belt also means to me is that you have to work hard if you really want something that bad, no matter what it is. If you want a new bike that costs 200 hundred dollars and you only have fifty dollars and people will only help to get a little bit of money. Find a way yourself to raise the money like helping your neighbor with their errands, or if you’re old enough get a job. I believe that Amerikick has also taught me good life lessons shown through your journey of Karate.

Many people think karate is something useless in life and silly. They are wrong because it teaches you how to defend yourself against others trying to harm you. It could be a bully, mugger, or anyone really. It also teaches you to work hard, believe in yourself, and try something and you may succeed. Karate is not just another sport or fun thing to do, It teaches you many things you will use in your later life that will benefit you.

I conclude that karate is something that is a big part of my life and many others lives too. Karate is like riding a bike, if you don’t do it for a while you may be a little rusty but you will always remember some what of it. I don’t know what I would be like today without Americk in my life.