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What A Black Belt Means To Me by Jadyn Friedman

A black belt is one of the most important accomplishments that I could ever achieve. My journey started 4 years ago when we came to Amerikick to try karate. I remember that my sister and I had our try out with Sensei Brendan, who was still a red belt. After that try out, I instantly fell in love with karate.

When I got my yellow belt, it was a big celebration. We took so many pictures! It was probably one of the biggest celebrations we had at karate. When I turned eight years old I had my birthday party at Amerikick. It was so fun to see all my friends from school look to me for reference on how to throw a kick or a punch. Also, it was the first Amerikick party that I’ve ever been to. It was a great experience!

When I was an orange belt, my sister envied that I had gotten my orange belt. Now, she is a second q brown belt and looks to me for inspiration. I’m happy that my sister is following in my footsteps.

When I got my purple belt, I was terrified to take the intermediate class. I thought that all the kids were bigger than me, I thought I had no chance. Eventually I learned that, even though they were bigger than me, didn’t mean that I couldn’t try.  I realized that the beginners class and intermediate class were the same class, but different belt ranks. Also, a bit more challenging. It took me a while to learn some of the basics. For example, a chicken kick. I couldn’t understand how you could get two different kicks in the air before you land, with hard work I was able to do a chicken kick and many other basics.

When I was a blue belt, I was more confident when I took the intermediate class. I was eager to help other kids who were nervous like me when I started 4 yrs ago!  I thought that the kata was easier. It had basics that I was able to learn quickly because of training.

When I was a green belt, I was student of the month! I was excited!  Another thing that happened when I was a green belt, Sensei Sharon asked if I wanted to help in the little dragons’ class. I was so excited to help other kids!

When I was a brown belt, I started sparring. When I first started to spar, it was scary. I had no idea what to expect. I almost quit karate because of how scared I was of sparring. I would cry when I had to go to karate and spar. I asked my parents if I could not spar, they would always ask “How will you get your black belt?”  In other words, they wouldn’t let me quit! I’m glad they didn’t though. If they had let me quit I wouldn’t have been able to write this essay.

When I got my second q brown belt, I waited till the last minute to learn Amerikick 6 and my techniques, which was not smart. However, I did get my red belt because of practicing and working with senseis.

Now we are up to the present. Currently I’m a red belt. The kata and techniques were much harder than the rest of the belts. I have been working hard on my creative kata, essay, and black belt routine. I’m confident that I will earn my Black Belt!

When I get my Black Belt, I want to help younger kids in class. I will be an amazing Sensei. Just thinking of being called “Sensei Jadyn” is the best feeling in the world. I can’t wait to get my Black Belt!