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What A Black Belt Mean To Me by Kyle Lewis

I’m really looking forward to earning my black belt. When I was a little kid, and I first attended a birthday party at Amerikick for my friend Hunter Shaffer, I was unsure if I would be able to learn karate. I was also very, very unsure if I would be able to make it all the way to becoming a black belt. I saw the black belts doing all sorts of tricks, and I figured that I would have to learn how to do the same tricks as well.

But I decided to try a class at Amerikick because it looked like it would be fun. I remember my first couple of classes at Amerikick with Sensei Justin teaching us. He made me feel like I could really learn karate if I tried very hard. Then as I continued to attend the classes, I started to learn more and more and move up to different colored belts. It gave me a sense of accomplishment that I was able to learn the skills needed to advance.

As I started to watch some of my friends in karate earn their black belts, I started to think that I could do the same. Watching others move up motivated me to try harder. The day that I earned by red belt, I really decided at that point that if they could do it, I could as well. So when I actually earn my black belt, I will feel proud of myself because of the hard work and dedication that I put in over the many years to perfecting my karate skills.

I have made a lot of friends in karate. I have also learned to respect my Senseis for keeping me motivated and pushing me to be the best that I can be. I feel like not only have I learned the physical skills to become a black belt, but also, I have learned self-discipline, and gained confidence in myself that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to. Earning a black belt will give me the satisfaction that I was able to finish what I began a number of years ago. I never quit.

Another reasons I want to get a black belt is because trying to earn the belt is helping me improve my physical fitness. At every class, the Senseis make us work hard and push us to our physical limits. I struggle during class, but at the end of class, I feel like I’ve gone a little further in developing my physical skills.

The final reason that getting a black belt is important to me is that I am looking forward to having all of my family come and watch me compete for my black belt. Some of my family members from far away have told me they want to come and see when I finally earn my black belt. It makes me feel better knowing that I have family members around to cheer me on.

I know that not everyone can earn a black belt. So that makes me even more determined to do my very best to earn it.