John Connor

Sensei John Connor received his 2nd Degree Black Belt in Amerikick Kenpo in 2017. Sensei John has trained with American Kickboxer Joe Lewis and Grandmaster Crispullo Atillo in the art of Filipino Arnis. John also studies the fighting styles of Muay-Thai and Kickboxing. He is a former amateur competitor in Kickboxing.

John is certified in Amerikick Kickboxing and is responsible for teaching Adult/Youth Karate classes. He is also the instructor of Muay Thai at Team Amerikick North Penn. John specializes in sparring technique and combative style fighting.

He and his wife Sherry are co-owners of Amerikick North Penn. Outside of Amerikick, Sensei John is a graduate of Rutger’s University and hold his certification in Golf Course Management. He serves as the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds for the Pottstown School District.

Sensei John and his wife Sherry have two sons, John, age 23 and Christian, age 16. Both boys hold Black Belts in Amerikick Kenpo as well. John, IV is also an amateur boxer and golden gloves fighter for the Phoenixville PAL.

Sherry Connor

Sensei Sherry Connor started her Martial Arts training in 1992 in the Korean Art of Hapkido Self-Defense. In 2002, she began studying the Amerikick Karate Kenpo System after her son began taking classes. Sherry has also trained in Israeli Krav Maga. Sherry’s certifications include AFAA primary group, AFAA Sports Nutrition, TRX, USA Boxing Coaching, Amerikick Kickboxing and Les Mills BodyCombat and BodyPump programs. She also holds a Master’s Degree in School Counseling.

Sherry is very passionate about fitness. Her passion began at the age of 8 when she began a gymnastics program. Soon after, she began going to a Police Athletic League (PAL) Youth Boxing program with her father, where he was a trainer and pro boxing competitor. Sherry is an active member of the PAL program today. She is a USA Boxing Coach and works with both Amateur and Professional Boxers at the Phoenxiville Area Police Athletic League under the direction of Jim Deoria.

Sensei Sherry received her 2nd Degree Black Belt in the Amerikick Kenpo Karate System in 2017. She teaches Adult/Youth karate and Kickboxing classes and is head of the Leadership Team at North Penn.

Sensei Sherry and her husband John have two sons, John, age 23 and Christian, age 16. Both boys hold Black Belts in Amerikick Kenpo as well. John, IV is also an amateur boxer and golden gloves fighter for the Phoenixville PAL.

Mike Sautner

Sensei Mike Sautner began studying karate in 1980 with then third-degree black belt Dennis Tosten at American Karate Studios, AmeriKick’s predecessor, on Cottman Avenue in Philadelphia. Mike currently holds an eighth-degree black belt in Kenpo karate as well as extensive training in Shotokan karate and Filipino Arnis. He is Team AmeriKick’s head coach and is a member of AmeriKick’s masters board, which is responsible for testing and certifying AmeriKick’s black belts. Mike is responsible for teaching karate classes for all ages as well as Gracie jiu jitsu basics. Sensei Mike has been teaching Kenpo Karate to students for over thirty years in several Amerikick locations. He is also a Temple University Graduate and an Emergency Certified Substitute teacher for the Central Bucks School District.

Brad Elwell

Sensei Brad started his Martial Arts training at the age of 6, receiving his Junior Black Belt in Kenpo Karate at age 10. Brad became a member of the North Penn Black Belt Demo Team and Amerikick Competition Team at age 11. Over the years Brad has performed in parades, various community events and 2016 Mummers with Clevemore Fancy Brigade. He has travelled to Las Vegas, NV and throughout the NorthEast Region as an active Bo-Staff competitor. Brad is the recipient of Regional titles in Bo-Staff, Forms and Weapons. Brad is also a 2 time Grand Champion representing Team Amerikick for Bo-Staff.

Brad is currently a second degree black in the Amerikick Kenpo Karate System. He began instructing our younger martial arts students at the age of fifteen. He is currently head coach of the Amerikick North Penn Color Belt Demo team, Assistant Coach to the Amerikick North Penn Black Belt Team, and assistant coach to the Amerikick Competition Team. Brad is also a head instructor of our youth Karate camps.

Recently, Brad has started training in the disciplines of Muay-Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is also a recent graduate of North Penn High School and is currently pursuing a degree in Business.

Ray Delnicki

Sensei Ray has studied in the Amerikick System under Sensei Mike Sautner and Grandmaster Dennis Tosten since 1996. He earned his 1st dan Black Belt 10/28/2000, 2nd dan 4/17/2004, 3rd dan 12/8/2007, 4th dan 8/24/2012, 5th dan 06/04/2017.

He began his martial arts journey in 1969 in Tae Kwon Do and Shotokan (under Ray Lindsay) karate and soon took up the study of Sosuishiru Ju Jutsu and Okinawan Te karate (under Charles Partridge). Ray spent several years with Mr. Partridge until his instructor succumbed to a heart attack. He then found his way in 1972 to a fore runner of Amerikick, an American Karate Studio. He studied under, taught for and managed the studio for owner Cliff Jewell until April 1973 when a motorcycle accident took him out of training until 1996.

During his 20+ years in Amerikick, Ray has learned advanced American Kenpo from Grandmaster Tosten as well as Modern Arnis. He supplemented his learning with the teaching of the Grandmaster of the International Bando Association, Maung Gyi. From Dr. Gyi Ray has learned knife techniques, Forest monk staff fighting (non-lethal) and Min Zin yoga. Ray is the lead instructor of Advanced Black Belts for Team Amerikick North Penn.

Jon Braxton

Sensei Jon started his Martial Arts training at Amerikick North Penn at the age of 7. He earned his Junior Black Belt in June, 2016 and is currently a 1st Degree Black Belt. Jon trains in Boxing, Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu. He excels in Sparring and has earned several Bronze and Silver medals in AKL Sparring Competitions. His goal is to return to Sparring Competition to earn the Gold Medal.

Jon became a member of the Amerikick Leadership Team in 2016. Since then, he has become both an Assistant and Lead instructor for our Tigers/Dragons and Youth Karate Classes. His teaching style encompasses a strong focus on students learning strong, sharp technique. Jon also enjoys teaching sparring to our advanced Youth Karate Students.

In addition to his role as Assistant/Lead Instructor, Jon is also one of our Summer Camp Team Leaders and Assistant Lead Coach of the Amerikick North Penn Tigers/Dragons Demo Team. He is a great Role Model to our Younger students. Jon is also a member of the Amerikick North Penn Black Belt Demo Team.

Outside of Amerikick, Jon attends North Penn High School. He has an interest in pursuing a degree in Environmental Science and Engineering.