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Invigorating Programs from AmeriKick

Martial arts combines self-healing, discipline, and self-defense in one package. It is a journey
into the mind’s eye. This road is long, with many forks that you can travel through. The whole
family can come aboard for fun activities, self-control, and focus. Learn how to control your
situation with a calm mind and, if need be, a strong fist. While there are many branches of
martial arts, we offer instruction for Kenpo karate and AKX Kickboxing. AmeriKick is also a
leader against anti-bullying with education and tactics.

Kenpo Karate

Kenpo karate is a hybrid of street fighting and martial arts. You learn to anticipate your
opponent’s moves while logically working out a counter. The main objective of this style is
discipline, goal setting, and self-motivation. AmeriKick offers several age group classes.

Amerikick Tiny Tigers: Children between 3 and 4 can join the tiny tigers club. The
instructors have a specialty with young children. They develop skills such as listening,
coordination, and teamwork. Each young child is unique, and the classes aid in their
specific needs.
Amerikick Dragons: The dragons offer classes for children between 5 to 7. The
dedicated instructions teach the kids the basic fundamentals of hard work and
determination. With all parts of life, discipline is essential. The children will have fun
learning new skills in a safe, participating format.
Amerikick Youth: Children between 7 and 13 can participate in these classes. Any skill
level is acceptable. They will learn about health, the importance of exercising, and any
weight loss goals they may have. During these classes, the kids will begin to practice
sparring and self-defense methods.
Amerikick Adults: Any teenager or adult can start this class. You will begin learning and
embarking on your journey with highly trained instructors. Classes are available for
beginners as well as seasoned pros.
Amerikick Family: Families are always welcome to participate together. Our dedicated
staff has the skills to work with families to bring focus, concentration, and stability to your
home. The skills you learn can transcend your home into a well-balanced and fun


At AmeriKick, we take bullying seriously. No child or adult should ever experience anything so
appalling. We have anti-bullying classes. With education, empowerment, and inspiration, you
can stand up to your tormentor. Dedicated and skilled instructors will teach you how to control
and stop the harassment.

AKX Kickboxing

The AKX kickboxing class is for all skill levels. Whatever your goal is, you can achieve it. Do you
want to become a world-class kickboxing champion? Do you want a fun, high pace workout?
Whether your goal is weight loss, building stamina, or being more flexible, AKX Kickboxing
hosted by AmeriKick is for you!
At AmeriKick, our enthusiastic instructors have the know-how to get things done. We have taken
thousands of people to black belt status and you can be the next one. There are over 20
locations to choose from. We even offer online classes if you feel more comfortable with that.
For more than 5 decades, we have been dependable in and for our communities.
Head down to an AmeriKick location today to sign up! Visit our website at AmeriKick or call us at
(866) 38-karate. Our social media platforms are always looking for a friend on Twitter,
Facebook, and Instagram. The next step to wellness is AmeriKick!