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How Martial Arts Helps Manage ADHD

In the simplest terms, ADHD is when your brain does not regulate or produce enough dopamine. There is a saying in the ADHD community, “follow the dopamine.” This means that a person with ADHD needs to structure their daily activities to produce the most dopamine. Participating in martial arts programs offered by Martial Arts USA can be a valuable tool for both children and adults to manage their ADHD symptoms. ¬†AmeriKick Martial Arts headquarters are in Marlton, NJ. Martial Arts USA franchises across the United States, including locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, offer various programs that can effectively help both children and adults manage their ADHD symptoms.

ADHD and Enthrallment of Instruction

People with ADHD have a difficult time thinking ahead or remembering the past. They live in the moment, so direct, right-now instruction is ideal. Martial Arts USA gives students in the now teaching. It is essential to keep moving and engaging in each activity. That is why martial arts USA is great for kids and adults. It is fast pace, and you can learn quickly through each task. AmeriKick Martial Arts have courses for different ages and skill groups. Their instructors are experts in designing classes to meet everyone’s needs.


Exercise is one of the best ways to increase dopamine in your brain. This gives your brain a jolt to your reward system. Over time, with constant exercise routines, the dopamine receptors will increase. AmeriKick Martial Arts USA has weekly classes that can give your brain the impact it needs to stay motivated and focused in your daily life. This not only increases dopamine but also gives your system a study schedule. One other problem is the motivation to do something. So having a weekly commitment helps.  Untitled-1asda432 AMERIKICK LESSONS IN LIFE SINCE 1967 How Martial Arts Helps Manage ADHD

ADHD and Mental Health

Mental health professionals typically diagnose people with ADHD in childhood. Boys are more likely to be diagnosed than girls. Statistically, 75% of adults who have ADHD are undiagnosed. As an adult, it isn’t very easy to receive this diagnosis. This can take a toll on your mental health. These people are more susceptible to self-medication, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence. Martial Arts USA can help ease these issues. AmeriKick Martial Arts USA prides itself on helping children, as well as adults, break barriers. Their classes include self-worth, self-confidence, and heightened self-esteem. Through the sense of community and family, martial arts USA gives everyone a safe space to belong.

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