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Essay Senior Black Belt by Gabriel Amromin

After two years when I got my junior black belt, I learned how to be stronger, learned new self-defense techniques, how to be brave, learned new katas, being sensei, and be patient, fight better, responsible and confident

I got stronger over 2 years by training at karate class and at home. It was difficult at the beginning, then it became easier. I also joined adult sparring classes. This made it even more difficult, but made me even stronger and more focused.

New self-defense techniques are very useful, and helpful in real life. My reaction speed and concentration improved significantly. Better concentration helped me in school and in completing my homework properly and in a timely manner.

I used to get scared to fight somebody taller and stronger than me during sparring classes. My father always taught me to never give up and to keep pushing through pain and disappointments.

Learning new katas was very difficult at the beginning, but I got a lot of support from my senseis. Having great teachers also helped me tremendously. I became better in doing my katas by also repeating it at home.

After receiving my junior black belt, it was the first time when I tried to teach other kids and helped my senseis. It was really fun to teach new kata and self-defenses, but also very hard to control kids when they don’t listen to me. That was also new experience to me and a good lesson that not everything can be done right way, and that you may need to be patient in trying to achieve your goal

I also learned how to avoid conflict without fighting and avoid any physical contact, if possible. However, if it was necessary, I tried to use my hands and to defend myself without attacking back.

I learned how to be more patient with younger kids because they will follow my lead, if I set proper examples.

Additional two years increased my confidence, self-esteem, self-control, discipline and knowledge of Kenpo karate self-defense, katas and general training.