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Discipline is Essential in Kenpo Karate

Discipline is fundamental for the mind and body to work as one in all forms of martial arts. It is a spiritual awakening for your soul. From ancient history to the present day, all forms of combat derive from branches of martial arts. Starting on this journey, an individual will gain the confidence and preservation to conquer anything in their personal lives.

Kenpo loosely translates to fist law. Beginning approximately 700 years ago in China, the Japanese adopted this fighting style of unarmed combat. Around the 1900s, Kiyoka Komatsu’s, a master in Kenpo karate, migration to Hawaii brought forth this new art style to the states. Becoming reasonably popular in the 1950s, the evolution of this technique soars into 2022 and beyond.

American Kenpo karate teaches the student how to control everyday scenarios. Derived from a self-defense standpoint, it merges street fighting with calming techniques. An individual will learn to stay focused while thinking about counters in a split second while stepping around attacks.

The body is a natural weapon, you will hone in on that ability as an individual. A person can begin their weight loss goals in a fun environment through dedication and determination. AmeriKick is a pioneer in Kenpo martial arts. Founders Dennis and Sharon Tosten, began their journey into this art style in 1967. During the late 60s, Kenpo was a brand new and exciting endeavor. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, martial arts studios were few and far between. AmeriKick was the first of its kind, beginning a whole new world for people craving something different. Sharon Tosten is the creative director and one of the CEOs of AmeriKick. She has an extensive background in Kenpo as well as the creative arts. As a 9th-degree master black belt, Sharon can instruct and help her students grow. Graduating from the Orlando Stunt Company, she has extensive knowledge in the creative field. She has a firm grip on creativity, making instructional videos, producing/directing independent films, and collaborating on two feature films.

Additionally, Sharon is an award-winning author and a longtime member of the Screen Actors Guild.

“If you’re not growing, you’re dying” – Dennis Tosten As a victim of bullying, Dennis Tosten found a passion and love for martial arts. Beginning with jujutsu, he migrated towards learning Kenpo. Dennis found an American Kenpo dojo after studying jujutsu for about five years. The instructor showed some basic moves, and the rest is history. As a contemporary guru, Dennis knows everything. His teachings and commitment to Kenpo proves that. As he continues to learn and grow, he passes that information on to his students.

AmeriKick has unleashed thousands of black belts onto the world. These individuals not only learned stamina and grace, but they also went forward with a new appreciation of life. With over 20 locations in the Eastern United States, there are plenty of opportunities to find a new love for martial arts. They offer services for children as well as adults. Discipline is essential to being successful in Kenpo Karate from AmeriKick.