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Black Belt Essay by StevieLynn Hunt

Black belt is important to me because I can be a leader. When I see senseis wearing a black belt, I want to be just like them. They inspire me because I know that they went through so much to get their black belt. They have dedicated years to get their black belt. I think everyone should try to get to their own goal. I can start teaching classes, and showing others what to do. Plus I have to be a good role model. I can never give up. Black belt means I have to trust myself and don’t let anything get into my head. I will never give up as a black belt. I hope to inspire people by becoming a black belt. It feels so good to know that I will be getting my black belt real soon. When people quit at karate I always pushed myself harder. If someone stopped then I knew I could push harder, and pass that person. I was always taught to have a better mindset each day in karate. Some people think it is ok to just stop soon as you become a red belt. I think you should get to your goal as a black belt. You’ve pushed so hard you can make it to your goal. I want people to look up at senses, and ask them what is it like to be a sensei. You feel pride and responsibility. I wish all families did karate. Then they would know how much effort it takes to be a black belt. If I am a great role model, others will be good listeners. I’ll have to show others what to do. I started karate when I was two. My mom taught me a lot. My favorite part of karate is being a leader. When you’re a leader you have to focus. You need to show respect to others. When I became a red belt it was on my birthday. Soon as I got it I knew that meant my next belt was a black belt. My very first goal was becoming a black belt. I remember the day when my mom said I was going to test for my black belt. I lit up inside! I was so excited, I couldn’t focus on anything else. I will be strong and confident being a black belt. I remembered when my sister became a black belt. Now we both get to do it. I’m really excited and confident about being a black belt. One reason is that I can be a leader in karate.I’ve done karate for eight years. I’m happy I get to be a person that gets their black belt. I can tell others about my experience being a black belt. I hope others would want to become black belts. Now for me to know that I have reached my goal to black belt, I am very happy. I hope all my friends in karate get the same experience I did becoming a black belt.