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Black Belt Essay by Rahul Anantuni

An Amerikick Black Belt means everything to me as I have learned extremely important life lessons since receiving it. I have become a Sensei at Amerikick Karate and I have gotten my first job teaching karate to students. I love this experience as this allows me to teach what I have learned and continue to learn at the same time. I get to experience how it is to teach other students and be in front of the class. After getting a black belt I was invited to be part of the Black Belt Demo Team. As part of the Black Belt Demo Team; I get to compile, practice, and perform at major events. Some of the many skills that I have acquired from karate are dedication, focus, and time management to help me to become very successful in life.

First off, I must thank all of my senseis for helping me get this far in karate. Thank you to Sensei Kevin, Sensei Dennis, Sensei Sharon, Sensei Corey, and many others for teaching and guiding me during the years. I also cannot forget about the countless amount of hours and effort that my parents put in to get me to and from karate and to support me throughout my years of training. Thank you so much to my parents for all of their help!

Being part of the Black Belt Demo Team is a different ball game and increased my karate skills exponentially. I learned about how important stances and how they help keep balance and to be strong. Pulling your chambers back ensures that you have strong moves. Your Kiya must be loud to startle your opponent and put strength into your Kata.

My Black Belt journey taught me all about commitment and how important it is to stay dedicated to what you dream about. Many students quit karate after getting their junior black belt but dedication has got me to my senior rank. One example is the Black Belt Demo Team because it is important to get to practice on time, focus and work hard during the practice, practice at home, make it to all of our performances, and most importantly get together and have fun as a team. Karate has also helped me enroll in honor courses and maintain distinguished honors in high school. It takes a great deal of dedication to get good grades, keep up with the activities and homework, and do well in school. Dedication is an important life lesson that karate has taught me.

Secondly, I have obtained focus and time management skills while being part of Amerikick Karate. Learning all of the Katas and techniques needs focus because many are complicated and require a good deal of practice.  Being part of the Black Belt Demo Team requires focus because I have to master the whole set so that I can help our team perform our absolute best at the tournaments and belt graduations. Ever since I entered high school I have been very busy, with after-school clubs, homework, studying, karate, and many other things. Since all of my classes are getting more difficult, I have learned to pay more attention in class to make sure that I don’t miss any important information. I learned how to use my time wisely to get homework done on time and study for tests, while also having free time to do something of my choice. These are examples of how karate has taught me focus and time management skills, needed for my life.

Joining Amerikick Karate and getting a black belt has been an amazing experience that I will never forget about. Since getting my Amerikick black belt I learned so many extremely useful skills helpful for my life. Dedication is essential to being part of anything and helped me get my black belt and do well in school. Focus and time management skills are key to getting work done on time restrictions and learning karate. Overall, getting my Amerikick black belt is a huge accomplishment which has made me a better person in general.