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Black Belt Essay by Noah Stapleton

For the past few years I have been working for a goal: getting my black belt. For a long time I have been waiting for the accomplishment of getting my black belt. I worked very hard trying to get it and now I’m almost to the point where I finally achieve it. A black belt means accomplishment, having discipline, and determination paying off to me.
One part of my opinion about what a black belt means is accomplishment. I picture a black belt as a symbol of compilation and  a final test finished (even though there are many degrees of black belts.) If I do get my black belt, I will be very proud and ecstatic (along with being modest) because of that feeling of accomplishment. An example when I was feeling a sense of accomplishment in karate is when I finally got my goal of doing a flying side kick over five shield bags. For a very long time I could only flying side kick over four shield bags, but I practiced and reached my goal of flying side kicking over five shield bags. Comparing this to getting my black belt, the feeling of accomplishment if I get my black belt would be tremendous.
Another piece of my opinion of what a black belt means is having discipline. Two days a week I would have to go to karate, whether I felt like it or not. This developed a strong discipline which I would probably have for the rest of my life. This important quality was shown through my karate practice many times. One example when this quality was shown was when I was very tired and sore in karate class. I just finished a long class of push-ups, wall-sits, and bunny-hops. However, even though I was tired, I kept exercising strong, trying to be the best that I can be. This discipline comes with the great reward of a black belt to me.
Lastly, a black belt mean determination paying off to me. Throughout karate, you have to be determined and you should never give up. Through pain and exhaustion, you must always be the best you can be. I found out this for myself during a karate tournament. I was taking my sparring part of the tournament. First, I was sparring a kid about my height, but he sparred really well. I was losing most of the time but I got the last point that resulted in a win. Next, I was sparring another kid that kept kicking me low, but I kept sparring and ended up winning that sparring match, too. Lastly, I was sparring Matthew, who usually beats me in sparring. I tried my best and I won by only one point. Being determined got me though karate, and it will all be worth it if I get my black belt.
For a long time I have been working towards my black belt. A black belt means accomplishment, having discipline, and determination paying off to me.