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Black Belt Essay by Katelin Harkins

Throughout my time of being a black belt, I have noticed many changes that have occurred since becoming one. Many changes are minor, like different classes, practicing more, and learning more curriculum. Being a black belt has a stronger impact on a person than most belts. It teaches a person, including myself, a lot more of how amazing one person can be. During my journey to become a  junior black belt, I didn’t realize how much work and effort went into becoming one. Even after testing, it was hard because of an injury that had occurred. I notice now that being a black belt isn’t easy. And, there is much I need to learn, so that I can continue on further.

After my junior black belt test, I had fractured a growth plate in my foot. I was unable to participate in class as a black belt after earning my belt. All the work I had put into becoming one was taken away from me. I had a realization. Being a black belt doesn’t mean running away from your problems, it means facing them head on. From that day on I would sit at the back of class and watch, trying to pick up on what was being taught. And even though I couldn’t participate in class, I still found a way to learn about my curriculum rather than going home to watch a movie. Working through my problems has changed me as a person. It has taught me that with patience and dedication, I can work through my problems.

During my time doing karate I haven’t always been consistent with practicing. I would go to class unprepared, trying to figure out what we´re doing. I would sometimes even get anxiety going to a class because I knew I didn’t practice. This was a bad habit.  After I was able to get back on the mat after my foot healed, I still went to karate classes without practicing my moves. I wasn’t good at everything I did because of the lack of practice. But, I was committed to earning my next black belt. So, during the few months when I got the notice that I was up for testing. I started to practice a lot more. Now, with the determination I have, I can overcome a challenge.  I now know that with commitment,  I can do this. Even with a setback I can conquer my challenge. I will get back up on my feet and rise to the challenge.

During my time as a junior black belt, I have had some challenges with injuries and illness. This has taught me that life isn’t always easy. But, I know now as a black belt, I can push myself past my limits, and through a challenge. I know I am just an average girl with a love for karate. But any average person like me, can turn something around and make things better even though at times it might not seem like it. You need to believe in yourself, be persistent and committed if you want to achieve your goals in karate or any other thing.