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Black Belt Essay by Connor Baily

Being a black belt means to me that I have gone through very hard challenges. I had to do push ups, sit-ups, burpees, and many more to get to the level of the black belt. Also being a black belt means to me that I have gotten stronger and stronger throughout the years.

Being a black belt means to me that I have

become stronger in using my brain. It means that I have better knowledge and better reflexes. I could have better reflexives

 because from the self defense techniques I have to act quick. also from sparing I need to now how to block or else I could get kicked or punched in the face.

Also it means to me that it will help me in the future. It could help me in the future because since I know karate it could give me confidence, because I know how to act quick and if I did get in a fight I would be able to win. Karate has given me the self discipline to work hard for the five years I have been doing karate. Also it has give me the courage to face my test and my tournaments. It has also taught me the ability to be honest to my friends and family and to everybody I know.

It also means that I am very proud of myself. I am proud because I have stuck with karate for many years and I never gave up. Sports just go every season but karate never stops. When I was a white belt I thought I could never get this high. It has been a long road to get to this stage and I never stopped.

My black belt represents the people I have meet on my journey. My other fellow students all share my love of karate and my senseis are the people I look up to. Someday I would like to assist in teaching karate or evening being the leader of the class.

It was fun to meet all the senseis in the dojo and senseis from other dojos. It was also fun to meet the other students and get to know them. It also means that now I have more friends to hang out with and I get get to know more people.

Also I have learn to use the bo staff so I can defend myself. That means If I ever get into a situation I could find something shaped like a staff and use that. Also with the weapons I get to perform with the demo team and that is very fun. Also when I travel to color belt tournaments I always do my katas and that makes it even more fun.

Being a black black also means that I still have a long journey ahead and I will not give up now. I still have more katas to learn like short 1, short 2, long 1, and long 2. Also I still have many more bo staff tricks to learn. I have way more self defense techniques to learn, some that I don’t even know exist.

That what it means to be a black belt to me.