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Black Belt Essay by Cj Schlueter

The question “What I have learned since receiving my Black Belt” can be answered in many ways. After reading this Document, you will see what I’ve learned since receiving my Black Belt.
The first thing I’ve learned since getting my Black Belt is, you have to set new goals for yourself. Usually, everyone’s first main goal in karate is to get they’re Black Belt. But once they reach that goal, It could be hard to think of a new possible goal (Besides getting your next Black Belt). So I looked at all of my higher-ranked, senseis to try to think of a goal. Some of my goals go as listed, to be able to teach someone a kata, or just a technique by just saying the words verbally. Also mastering them all myself. Another goal is to be able to do more advanced tricks/moves. These are just some of the many goals I have. But apart from thinking of goals, I’ve learned that you have to believe in yourself to make the goal you’re trying to reach happen. Also, you shouldn’t set goals you think White belts would set. Try something more advanced.
Another thing I’ve learned after receiving my Black Belt is that lower belt ranks look up to you. They look up to you not just for leadership, but for inspiration too. Sometimes, when kids set goals for themselves when they look at you. In their minds it’s like, “Wow, look how they did that!” or, “I wanna be able to do that!” That’s why we need to push ourselves each and every day to be able to show kids that if you work hard enough, you’ll be able to do these highly advanced moves. You also need to not just show lower belt ranks the skill, you also have to help them learn it. It can help someone a lot if you go up to them and ask if they need assistance. because they might be to shy to come up to you themselves. If you just sit there and do nothing about it, the person who is struggling might just give up. That’s the last thing anyone could do, at least I think so. This is why you need to be very inspirational while being a leader.
The last thing I’ve learned after receiving my Black Belt is, you have to be willing. If there’s something you don’t wanna do, or are scared to do, you gotta be willing/brave to do it. Because you never know, maybe it would be easier than expected. But if you don’t, you might be needing to do that trick/move in the future. So, it could potentially be dangerous not to be willing to do things. It also can be fun learning something new! Plus, it would be one less thing you’ll have to learn. Being willing also goes along with my previous topics. You have to be willing to set higher goals for yourself. You also need to be willing to help someone out. This is how being willing is very important in karate.
In conclusion, these are just three of the many things I’ve learned since receiving my black belt. I’m very excited about my future, and my new goals. Thank you!