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Amerikick Karate League

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Welcome to the Amerikick Karate League

This is the sport karate league for the Amerikick schools and its affiliates. The league promotes martial arts tournaments and it rates Amerikick students based on their placing at the AKL Tournaments. These tournaments are hosted by Amerikick schools and follow the AKL rules, divisions and ratings system.

Navigating the Regions

The league is divided into regions which currently are Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Each region has 4 tournaments (listed below) and the championship finals which is the Amerikick International Karate Championships. Students will compete in their regions and they will earn ratings points for competing in their respective divisions. The season generally runs the school year and begins in September and ends with the Amerikick Internationals Karate Champions which is schedule for May 28-30, 2020.

Embrace the Journey

The Amerikick Karate League isn’t merely about competition; it’s about personal growth and camaraderie. Participants not only refine their martial arts skills but also cultivate resilience, sportsmanship, and mutual respect. Whether aiming for the podium or striving for self-improvement, every individual finds a place to thrive within this vibrant community.

Elevating Your Experience

Joining the Amerikick Karate League isn’t just about tournaments—it’s about immersing yourself in a supportive ecosystem that nurtures your passion for martial arts. From expert coaching to invaluable friendships, every aspect of the league contributes to your holistic development as a martial artist.