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What I Have Learned From Being A Black Belt by Joshua Rehn

When you get your black belt it is just the beginning. The moment it touches your hands, you feel like a master,but it’s not that easy. You have to continue to earn it everyday. You have to go through the pain,the tears,and the glory before you get your black belt. You have to continuously and consistently give it 100% before you can truly call yourself a sensei. The first day your receive your belt, you already know that you’ve got to be the best you can be and that it is a very big responsibility. You can’t walk into class forgetting your uniform,you can’t walk into class forgetting your belt, and you definitely can’t walk into class and work less than 100%.Do you know why? Because now you are the example of working hard, other students acknowledge you and they learn from you. If you don’t do what your supposed to do at all times that is unacceptable. You also let everyone else in the dojo down. You have to strive to be better every day. Those are some of the qualities, characteristics, and traits I have learned from receiving my black belt.

I have also learned that I am an example of my senseis and represent Amerikick in my dojo and I can not be letting my fellow sensei’s and comrades down. I always have to be paying attention and being very focused so when the lower belts look at me they know that I am the example of the right thing to do. I’ve also learned to have no limits. There are also responsibilities in class; whether it is collecting the attendance cards or demonstrating a move in class. I’ve learned that I have to treat karate with care and give tons of effort. By having a black belt, it raises your confidence and that shines through in the way you practice, help others, and treat your sensei’s with respect. By having a black belt, I have learned that I can be so much more than before, to go more in depth when training, to never doubt myself, and to be a better teacher. Receiving a black belt makes me want to get stronger and stronger. I’ve also learned more depth in discipline. Those are some responsibilities I have learned from receiving my black belt.

Black belt isn’t something that comes easy. You get stronger and learn more elite techniques to defend yourself. I will continue to move on and persevere to get to my senior black belt. I am ready for whatever gets thrown at me, whatever stands in my way, and whatever tries to make me give up because I will never give up and continue to work hard. I have learned through hard work, dedication, and never giving up that I can be a true sensei.I wear the black belt proudly. I have no limits, I am now more elite, I am more responsible and disciplined, I am stronger, I now go more in depth when training, and my confidence is over the top. That is what I have learned since receiving my Amerikick black belt. I am proud to become a senior black belt.